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About us
from goldsmith to customer.

Stilnest is the modern jewelry maker. We are on a mission on getting the world creating and making fine jewelry more sustainable. We believe in creativity and good craft. We believe that good things are made with respect to the people and the planet, because how and where we make things matter. All designs are made-to-order and get shipped straight from our local goldsmiths to our customers. This way we keep the use of resources to a minimum and know exactly who made each piece step by step – and what it's made from. We care deeply about durable and sustainable materials, creating both a superior look and a good feel.

14 creatives, 70% female

Honest & creative team culture

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Customer Service

As an employee in customer service, you support our customers with product advice, inquiries about orders and complaints. What you have to bring with you is above all a sure feeling for the wishes of the customers, a friendly manner and a large portion of serenity. Because no matter how stressful it is - you always keep a cool head. You stand by the customers with words and deeds and always meet them in a friendly manner. You communicate with our customers by e-mail via our Zendesk platform or on the social networks in German and English.

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Content & Social Media Intern
This position gives you a general insight into digital marketing and especially into the area of content and social media management. At Stilnest we want to create transparency for our customers when it comes to sustainable jewelry. As part of the digital marketing team, you are responsible for the content strategy and provide the community on Instagram and in newsletters with relevant facts and inspiring content.

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Influencer Relations Intern

This position offers you an insight into digital marketing in general and into influencer marketing in particular. As a team member of the digital marketing team, you will help us grow our brand and create awareness for the aspects of sustainable fine jewelry.

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