Eye of Truth - Choker

24ct Gold Vermeil

This piece will be made-to-order for you. Crafted and shipped straight from our local goldsmiths in 18-20 business days.

Good on you.

Made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

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Made to last.

Timeless craftsmanship and design that are made to last.

Seeing is freeing. The Truth is the only thing that will set us free. 

The Eye of Truth symbolizes the opened third eye which is our pineal gland in our brain. By activating the pineal gland, we're able to see through the fabric of this reality and see it for what it really is - we remember the most important truth of this lifetime - what we really are. 

We see through the social programming of this world and the countless distractions that keep us far away from our essence. We remember our divinity. We remember that we are not our material possessions, not these bodies, not even our thoughts and emotions. We are the one who experiences all of that. So what are we? 

An expression of source, divinely connected to all that is around us. 

The importance of remembrance lies in realizing our infinite power and our limitless potential. If we see all we are and can be, we make different choices in life. We see our own worth and we know that our fulfillment and inner peace are more important than any man-made constructs of who we are told to be and how we are told to live our lives. We see that the opinions of others are no fertile ground to base our choices on. We understand that these opinions don't matter because they don't define us - they define them. We are free from definitions since we cannot be put into a box. Our life belongs to us and we can design it inspired by our wildest dreams. We did not come here to play it small or to be intimidated by the social pressure to fit in. We see the Truth, therefore, we choose the Truth.

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