Edelsteine Ohrringe


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Mater Studs Diamond Mater Studs Diamond
Sale price$543.00
Pearl Bold Hoops
Sale price$211.00
Brilliant Dot Studs White SapphireBrilliant Dot Studs White Sapphire
Chroma Drop EarringsChroma Drop Earrings
Sale price$653.00
Baroque O Drop Earrings PearlBaroque O Drop Earrings Pearl
Heart Studs Tourmaline Heart Studs Tourmaline
Sale price$377.00
Textured Ohrringe White SapphireTextured Ohrringe White Sapphire
Stella Star Drop Earrings White SapphireStella Star Drop Earrings White Sapphire
Baroque High Bar Drop Earrings PearlBaroque High Bar Drop Earrings Pearl
Trine Huggies TourmalineTrine Huggies Tourmaline
Sale price$819.00
Mini Birthstone StudsMini Birthstone Studs
Sale price$521.00
Point of Light Hoops DiamondPoint of Light Hoops Diamond
Sale price$764.00
Joy Studs Aquamarine & Green SapphireJoy Studs Aquamarine & Green Sapphire
Navette Floating Huggies MondsteinNavette Floating Huggies Mondstein
Joy Studs Citrine & TorumalineJoy Studs Citrine & Torumaline
Mini Birthstone Studs - SingleMini Birthstone Studs - Single
Joy Studs Moonstone & Gray Moonstone
Brilliant Dot Studs White Sapphire - SingleBrilliant Dot Studs White Sapphire - Single
Retro Studs BerylRetro Studs Beryl
Sale price$631.00
Heart Studs Tourmaline - SingleHeart Studs Tourmaline - Single
Joy Studs Aquamarine & Green Sapphire - SingleJoy Studs Aquamarine & Green Sapphire - Single
Brilliant Dot Studs AquamarineBrilliant Dot Studs Aquamarine
Joy Studs Moonstone & Gray Moonstone - SingleJoy Studs Moonstone & Gray Moonstone - Single
Navette Floating Huggies Mondstein - SingleNavette Floating Huggies Mondstein - Single
Baguette Textured Studs IolithBaguette Textured Studs Iolith
Violet Fizz Studs IolithViolet Fizz Studs Iolith
Sale price$321.00
Double Huggies Diamond - SingleDouble Huggies Diamond - Single
Double Huggies DiamondDouble Huggies Diamond
Sale price$653.00
Mater Diamond Stud Earrings - SingleMater Diamond Stud Earrings - Single
Two Dots Studs White Sapphire - SingleTwo Dots Studs White Sapphire - Single
Joy Studs Citrine & Turmaline - SingleJoy Studs Citrine & Turmaline - Single
Retro Studs Beryl - Single
Sale price$321.00
Baguette Textured Studs Iolith - SingleBaguette Textured Studs Iolith - Single
Stella Star Drop Earrings DiamondStella Star Drop Earrings Diamond
Point of Light Hoops Diamond - SinglePoint of Light Hoops Diamond - Single
Arch Dangles Diamond - SingleArch Dangles Diamond - Single
Arch Dangles DiamondArch Dangles Diamond
Sale price$543.00
Trine Huggies Tourmaline - SingleTrine Huggies Tourmaline - Single
Two Dots Studs White SapphireTwo Dots Studs White Sapphire
Two Dots Ohrstecker Aquamarine - SingleTwo Dots Ohrstecker Aquamarine - Single
Two Dots Ohrstecker AquamarineTwo Dots Ohrstecker Aquamarine
Pavé Bar Studs  White Sapphire - SinglePavé Bar Studs  White Sapphire - Single
Pavé Bar Studs White SapphirePavé Bar Studs White Sapphire
Brilliant Dot Studs Aquamarine - SingleBrilliant Dot Studs Aquamarine - Single
Retro Studs Aquamarine - SingleRetro Studs Aquamarine - Single
Retro Studs AquamarineRetro Studs Aquamarine
Sale price$631.00
Violet Fizz Stud Earrings Iolith 14k Solid Gold - SingleViolet Fizz Stud Earrings Iolith 14k Solid Gold - Single
Textured Ear Jackets Moonstone Textured Ear Jackets Moonstone