The made-to-order process


No overproduction, no waste of materials and resources. How we do this? We produce made-to-order in Southern Germany and Hamburg with a clear purpose in mind.

Vom Goldschmied zu dir.

1. Our Materials

We believe that recycling is the bare minimum, but a necessary step to keep the industry sustainable. The majority of stilnest jewelry is made from recycled gold and silver. The materials used for recycling come from the jewelry and watch industry. Recycling happens in Antwerp, Belgium. Purchasing a Fairtrade-Gold item? The material for this has been mined fairly, according to Fairtrade regulations, in the South of Peru.

All materials we use are selected in a socially and sustainable responsible manner. For our materials, we work with 3 goldsmiths, 3 foundries, and 5 fineries. Our foundries are certified and members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

2. Design

Each new collection starts with an idea. All designs are made in our Berlin studio and designed in 3D software, which will be used to create 3D-printed waxes for the jewelry.

3. Manufacturing

We believe in slow craft and produce made-to-order. Each piece of jewelry has a clear purpose and we avoid overproduction. Once the design is done, we create it from wax. This is now poured into a mold made of liquid plaster. Once the plaster has hardened, the mold is strongly heated in an oven and the wax is burned out. The resulting hollow plaster mold is now poured with liquid fine metal (e.g. 925 Silver). Once the material has hardened, the plaster is removed. What remains now is our piece of jewelry, which can then be hand-finished by our goldsmiths.

4. Shipping

To reduce our carbon footprint, we ship them straight from their workbench to you. This direct connection between makers and consumers is a key element in our mission to make jewelry a bit more responsible, sustainable, and human. Our returns are climate-neutral, and we offer German customers paper-free returns through QR-codes.

5. Consumption

This is our favorite part, this is where you get to play around with our jewelry and truly make them yours. But before you make a purchase, consider the reasons why you want to do so. Remember, shopping consciously means shopping with clear intentions and purposes for the items.

6. Repair

Sometimes even your jewelry needs a little fixing up. Faded plating, loose stones, scratches? We offer a transparent goldsmith repair service. We believe that fine jewelry should be made to last, and a little scratch is nothing to toss your favorite necklace away for. Around 80% of the gold from this world has already been mined, so together we must find new ways to recycle and upcycle.