Atelier FAQ


Kit Inhalt

Was befindet sich in dem Kit?

In the kit you will find different tools, 3 ring moulds, a booklet, a jewelry box (to return your wax design) and a piece of wax with which to repair a broken wax form.

Brauche ich eigene Werkzeuge?

No. All the tools you will need are included in your kit. Only a candle might come in handy if you need to repair or retouch your ring mould.

Kann ich Wachs bei euch nachbestellen?

Your kit includes 3 wax moulds. If in future you wish to design more rings for us to manufacture, you will soon be able to do so. Just check in with us now and then or receive our newsletter as a registered Atelier user. We will keep you updated!

Kann ich für Veranstaltungen mehrere Kits ausleihen?

We are currently not planning to rent out kits. We do however plan on offering workshops where you could all participate together!


Kann ich die Breite meines Wachsrohlings auswählen?

We offer only one wax mould. You can determine its final shape and size during your design process.

Ring Design

Wie bearbeite ich das Wachs richtig und vermeide, dass meine Form bricht?

Please work carefully and stay focused - the tools are sharp! Follow the steps described in the booklet and generally be mindful not to put too much pressure on the wax mould as this could lead to breakage. Do not worry about accidentally melting the wax between your fingers: The wax’ melting point is at 90°C (≈195°F).

Welche Designs sind umsetzbar?

As of now, we only manufacture rings. Their designs are totally up to you and your creativity should know no bounds.

Welches Finish wird der fertige Ring haben?

The ring will come out with a high gloss or matt polish. But please note that in hard to reach areas (e.g. deep indentations), this treatment will not be possible.

Wie dünn darf mein Ring werden?

If you make your wax form too thick, the manufactured silver ring will be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. If you choose to design a very thin ring, the wax form (or even the finished ring!) might be too fragile and break easily. Try to find the right balance! The minimum material thickness should however be 1,5mm.

Können zwei oder mehr Ringe mithilfe der gleichen Wachsform gefertigt werden?

Unfortunately no. By way of the lost-wax-technique, the wax form will be melted down to create a negative form. The wax therefore quite literally gets lost during the process of creating a single ring. To create a second ring, we require a second wax form.

Kann ich Fehler ausbessern?

Absolutely! Wax is a very flexible material and you can easily fix your wax form by taking away or adding some more wax. In total you get three wax forms. If you don’t like how the design of one turned out, you can simply start over!


Wird der Silberring genauso aussehen wie meine Wachsform?

Yes, it will be the same ring - just made from precious silver. With that, please do keep in mind that silver is a lot heavier than wax. We therefore advise you to opt for a thin design, even if your wax form appears light to you.

Bessern die Goldschmiede kleine Makel für mich aus?

As a general rule you should expect the manufactured ring to look exactly like your wax form. Unfortunately, our goldsmiths can only even out the slightest of scratches when polishing your piece.

Kann ich meinen Ring gravieren oder mit Steinen besetzen lassen?

Adding gemstones or crystals to your design is currently not possible. If you wish to add an inside engraving to your ring, please contact us via soon after ordering your ring. We will be happy to check whether your individual engraving is possible.

Wie kann ich meine Wachsform einschicken?

You can submit your wax on The costs for making your individual jewelry piece will automatically be calculated there. After confirming the order of your ring at the checkout, you will receive all information on shipping it to our workshops via email.

Muss ich meine Wachsform einschicken?

Of course you don’t have to order or pay for a ring that you don’t like! Your kit includes three separate wax moulds for a reason. Don’t like the way your first one turned out? Just give it another go. You’ll get the hang of it - we promise!

Was mache ich, wenn mir mein fertiggestellter Ring nicht gefällt?

We are sorry that you aren’t happy with your ring! Unfortunately, as the ring was exclusively manufactured for you, we are unable to take it back or make any changes to it. Try to remember that you made this ring all by yourself and celebrate its imperfections - maybe you will grow to love it after all!