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Zodiac Birthstone NecklaceZodiac Birthstone Necklace
Sale priceFrom $133.00
Zodiac Seal with Curb Chain 24k Gold VermeilZodiac Seal with Curb Chain 24k Gold Vermeil
Zodiac Birthstone PendantZodiac Birthstone Pendant
Initial PendantInitial Pendant
Sale price$88.00
Initial Necklace Singapore ChainInitial Necklace Singapore Chain
Zodiac Birthstone Ring 24k Gold VermeilZodiac Birthstone Ring 24k Gold Vermeil
Initial with Anchor Chain 24k Gold VermeilInitial with Anchor Chain 24k Gold Vermeil
Mini Initial PendantMini Initial Pendant
Engravable Fluid Medallion Necklace - GlossyEngravable Fluid Medallion Necklace - Glossy
Mini Initial NecklaceMini Initial Necklace
Sale price$122.00
Initial Pendant 14ct Solid GoldInitial Pendant 14ct Solid Gold
Zodiac Birthstone Necklace 14k Solid GoldZodiac Birthstone Necklace 14k Solid Gold
Zodiac Charm KetteZodiac Charm Kette
Sale priceFrom $144.00
Initial Necklace Satellite ChainInitial Necklace Satellite Chain
Fluid Medallion Pendant - GlossyFluid Medallion Pendant - Glossy
Engravable Fluid Medallion Necklace - MatteEngravable Fluid Medallion Necklace - Matte
Zodiac Seal with Satellite Chain 24k Gold VermeilZodiac Seal with Satellite Chain 24k Gold Vermeil
Zodiac Birthstone Ring 925 SilverZodiac Birthstone Ring 925 Silver
Zodiac Charm AnhängerZodiac Charm Anhänger
Zodiac Birthstone Pendant 14ct Solid GoldZodiac Birthstone Pendant 14ct Solid Gold
Engravable Victorian Signet RingEngravable Victorian Signet Ring
Mini Initial Pendant 14k Solid GoldMini Initial Pendant 14k Solid Gold
Zodiac Birthstone Ring 14k Solid GoldZodiac Birthstone Ring 14k Solid Gold
Initial with Anchor Chain 925 SilverInitial with Anchor Chain 925 Silver
Engravable Flat-Top RingEngravable Flat-Top Ring
Initial Anchor Chain 14ct Solid GoldInitial Anchor Chain 14ct Solid Gold
Engravable Bar AnhängerEngravable Bar Anhänger
Sale price$66.00
Engravable Bar KetteEngravable Bar Kette
Sale priceFrom $110.00
Engravable Pinky Signet RingEngravable Pinky Signet Ring
Sale price$122.00
Engravable Fluid Medallion Pendant - MatteEngravable Fluid Medallion Pendant - Matte
Mini Birthstone PendantMini Birthstone Pendant
Sale price$210.00
Initial Singapore Chain 14ct Solid GoldInitial Singapore Chain 14ct Solid Gold
Engravable Seal NecklaceEngravable Seal Necklace
Sale priceFrom $144.00
Engravable Plate AnhängerEngravable Plate Anhänger
Mini Birthstone NecklaceMini Birthstone Necklace
Sale priceFrom $486.00
Zodiac Charm Anhänger 14k MassivgoldZodiac Charm Anhänger 14k Massivgold
Engravable Plate KetteEngravable Plate Kette
Sale priceFrom $110.00
Engravable Emblem NecklaceEngravable Emblem Necklace
Sale priceFrom $110.00
Engravable Seal PendantEngravable Seal Pendant
Sale price$88.00
Mini Birthstone StudsMini Birthstone Studs
Sale price$519.00
Engravable Fluid Signet Ring MatteEngravable Fluid Signet Ring Matte
Engravable Fluid Medallion Pendant 14k Solid Gold - GlossyEngravable Fluid Medallion Pendant 14k Solid Gold - Glossy
Mini Initial Necklace 14k Solid GoldMini Initial Necklace 14k Solid Gold
Sale priceFrom $486.00
Zodiac Charm Kette 14k MassivgoldZodiac Charm Kette 14k Massivgold
Sale priceFrom $486.00
Engravable Fluid Signet Ring GlossyEngravable Fluid Signet Ring Glossy
Mini Birthstone RingMini Birthstone Ring
Sale price$486.00
Engravable Emblem PendantEngravable Emblem Pendant
Biscuit Tag Pendant RoundBiscuit Tag Pendant Round
Sale price$188.00
Engravable Victorian Signet Ring 14k Solid GoldEngravable Victorian Signet Ring 14k Solid Gold
Mini Initial Hoops Small - SingleMini Initial Hoops Small - Single