Ring Performance (Test Sophie)


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Zodiac Birthstone Ring 24k Gold VermeilZodiac Birthstone Ring 24k Gold Vermeil
Basic RingBasic Ring
Sale price$87.00
Duo RingDuo Ring
Sale price$121.00
Bombé Bold RingBombé Bold Ring
Sale price$121.00
Simple Reminder Ring Jewelry stilnest 24ct Gold Vermeil S - 52 (16.6mm) Simple Reminder Ring Jewelry stilnest
Dune RingDune Ring Jewelry useless
Sale price$92.00
Nest RingNest Ring
Sale price$109.00
Zodiac Birthstone Ring 925 SilverZodiac Birthstone Ring 925 Silver
Eden Citrus RingEden Citrus Ring
Sale price$153.00
Basic Ring 14k MassivgoldBasic Ring 14k Massivgold
Eden Paprika RingEden Paprika Ring
Sale price$121.00
Zodiac Birthstone Ring 14k Solid GoldZodiac Birthstone Ring 14k Solid Gold
Engravable Flat-Top RingEngravable Flat-Top Ring
The Encounters RingThe Encounters Ring
Sale price$109.00
The Touch Ring
Sale price$153.00
Engravable Pinky Signet RingEngravable Pinky Signet Ring
Sale price$121.00
Instants of Love Ring Rose QuartzInstants of Love Ring Rose Quartz
Bonds Endless RingBonds Endless Ring
Sale price$131.00
Bombé Bold Ring 14k MassivgoldBombé Bold Ring 14k Massivgold
Duo Ring 14k Solid GoldDuo Ring 14k Solid Gold
Dune Ring 14k MassivgoldDune Ring - Solid Gold Jewelry useless
Facets RingFacets Ring
Sale price$426.00
Engravable Fluid Signet Ring GlossyEngravable Fluid Signet Ring Glossy
Bombé Bold Ring DiamondBombé Bold Ring Diamond
Sale price$1,026.00
Eden Pea Ring Green AventurineEden Pea Ring Green Aventurine
Color Delight Ring Blue CrystalsColor Delight Ring Blue Crystals
Antique Fair RingAntique Fair Ring
Sale price$753.00
Color Delight Ring Dark Pink CrystalsColor Delight Ring Dark Pink Crystals
Color Delight Ring Green CrystalsColor Delight Ring Green Crystals
Engravable Fluid Signet Ring 14k Solid gold GlossyEngravable Fluid Signet Ring 14k Solid gold Glossy
Color Delight Ring Violet CrystalsColor Delight Ring Violet Crystals
Eden Pea Ring OnyxEden Pea Ring Onyx
Sale price$153.00
Engravable Fluid Signet Ring 14k Solid Gold MatteEngravable Fluid Signet Ring 14k Solid Gold Matte
Engravable Flat-Top Ring 14K Solid GoldEngravable Flat-Top Ring 14K Solid Gold
Bonds Endless Ring - 14k Solid GoldBonds Endless Ring - 14k Solid Gold
Color Delight Ring Dark Yellow CrystalsColor Delight Ring Dark Yellow Crystals
Color Delight Ring Yellow CrystalsColor Delight Ring Yellow Crystals
Belong Pavé RingBelong Pavé Ring
Sale price$142.00
Color Delight Ring Red CrystalsColor Delight Ring Red Crystals
Crown Ring White CrystalsCrown Ring White Crystals
Sale price$153.00
Empowerment RingEmpowerment Ring
Sale price$917.00
Eden Pea Ring Onyx 14k Solid GoldEden Pea Ring Onyx 14k Solid Gold
Eden Pea Ring Green Aventurine 14k Solid GoldEden Pea Ring Green Aventurine 14k Solid Gold
Belong Pavé Ring White CrystalsBelong Pavé Ring White Crystals
Flip Pavé Ring White SapphireFlip Pavé Ring White Sapphire
Sale price$1,201.00
Baguette Double Ring IolithBaguette Double Ring Iolith
Sale price$1,201.00
Eden Citrus Ring 14k MassivgoldEden Citrus Ring 14k Massivgold
Sale price$2,401.00