Our Materials


All stilnest jewelry pieces are available in either solid gold, gold vermeil, or silver. It is our goal to be as sustainable as possible from sourcing the precious metals to you receiving the final product. While we are on a journey to become as sustainable as possible in every aspect, we want to give you full transparency regarding your product already today.


The high majority of our raw materials comes from recycled sources from the watch and jewelry industry that we can track down to the refinery. This way, we aim to contribute to a circular economy and reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum. Still, for some products, having full transparency on the highly complex material flow is not possible at this point. We only work with partners that are certified and part of the ‘Responsible Jewellery Council’ to ensure that all materials are obtained from conflict-free regions.

Gold Vermeil

Let’s start with the basics. For a jewelry piece to be vermeil, the base must be sterling silver, the purity of the gold must be at least 10 karats, and the thickness of the gold plating must have a minimum of 2.5 microns.
Our vermeil jewelry is available in 24K yellow gold. The base is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. By alloying it with copper, the jewelry becomes harder and thus more durable. For our gold platings we use 100% recycled gold from our partner in Antwerp, Belgium. The thicker the plating, the longer it lasts. For our plating, we use at least 2,5mc and up to a 5-micron plating.

Our Gold Vermeil designs

Recycled 14k Solid Gold

Our solid gold jewelry pieces are made of recycled 14K gold from the jewelry and watch industry. For our solid gold jewelry, we use an alloy of 58.5% fine gold and 41.5% mixed metals to keep its preciousness while making our jewelry durable and scratch-resistant. The majority of our solid gold pieces do not have plating and are considered waterproof. During the refining process, the CO2 emission is kept to a minimum, resources are preserved, and thermal energy used.
To avoid differences in color, some of our jewelry receive additional plating. This is the case for chains and studs. For our gold platings, we use 100% recycled gold from our partner in Antwerp, Belgium.

Our Fine Jewelry