Our sustainability


The story of stilnest

Our story begins in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize the way things are made in the jewelry industry. After many trials and errors, we pivoted to what you know as stilnest today. We realized that, unfortunately, the industry is slow to adapt, focuses on mass production, and cares little about transparency. We felt that while the industry might not care yet, people do. And so, stilnest was born - the modern jewelry maker that focuses on slow crafting and connecting maker and customer. 

What does sustainability mean to us?

Our mission is to become the most sustainable option for jewelry in the industry. Meaning we produce, create, and work in a way that we can grow and scale at a pace that’s maintainable. When you take on too much, too fast, it’s easy to lose your vision. We focus on slow crafting, constantly finding new ways to produce and work with materials that are recycled, fairly sourced, or Fairtrade. Most importantly, we need to value the people involved in our supply chain. We allow for no exploitation. These products are crafted to do good. We repair them. We renew them. We recycle them, or we resell them.

Creativity creates good things.

We thrive on being a creative company. We strive to create good things that will last years and generations. Furthermore, we believe that by creating good products, we can do good. They don’t weigh on your conscience, and they don’t stress your pocket too much. Instead, they will become meaningful to you, promote your creativeness and underline your individuality. 

Brand Vision Statement 

To offer products and services that don’t compromise on quality, sustainability, transparency, or honest craftsmanship and raise the standards within the industry. 

Brand Mission Statement

stilnest prioritizes offering a new perspective on jewelry by highlighting the connection between maker and customer. Quality, creativity, and a transparent line of communication are at the core of our business.
We design with longevity and keep your uniqueness in mind. By slow crafting and asking critical questions, we are able to keep evolving and experimenting with our products and services. We are not perfect, but who is? It’s a learning process, and we invite you to hold us accountable and be a part of this journey.

Our Values


We believe creativity is at the heart of good change. We want to inspire to create and be original. Creativity does not care about titles, gender, or beliefs. Creativity thrives in the differences between people, from diversity, collaboration, respect, and inclusivity.

Slow craftsmanship

We believe in lasting quality, repairing things, and creating a circular product. Creating products from materials that have had many lives before they transformed into your new jewelry piece. How sad would it be if something that has been there for billions of years would be wasted? So, we produce with a clear purpose, made-to-order with a focus on good craftsmanship.


No trickery here. We present facts, not simply what we think people want to hear. We stay true to our core values, and you, our community. This also means acknowledging the areas we still have to improve on. By being honest and transparent we make sure that people can hold us accountable for the things we do. This pushes us to always try our best and continuously do better.

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