1. Measure your wax. You need these measurements in millimeter:

A: Max. Width in mm
B: Min. Width in mm
C: Max. Diameter in mm
D: Ring Size in mm

2. Now calculate your wax size using the formula:
(A+B)/2 + C - D = __

3. The Dainty: Result is smaller or even 15.
The Chunky: Result is smaller or even 19.
The Beast: Result is smaller or even 23.

Your dream ring measurements result in a value higher than 23? Let’s see what we can do! Please write us an email including a photo of your ring to care@stilnest.com

If you have any troubles you can refer to our example:

A: Max. Width = 13 mm
B: Min. Width = 5 mm
C: Max Length = 20 mm
D: Ring Size = 14 mm

(13+5)/2 + 20 – 14
= 9 + 20 – 14
= 15
= The Dainty

We trust your choice of the right category and thus, show you the final price directly at the checkout. In special cases though, we might have to charge extra before starting the production, especially if the actual volume and the ordered volume clearly don’t match.